Why Choose Mitchell?

QUALITY: All Mitchell products are manufactured in McHenry, Illinois under a FAA approved quality system. Mitchell tachometers are built using custom mechanisms developed specifically for aircraft applications. These are built under a FAA approved quality system and are approved under the latest standard, TSO C49b. Unlike competitor’s units, Mitchell tachometers are not required to have the placard “Accurate readings require a seven (7) minute run-in warm up”. Most Mitchell gauges are FAA PMA approved. All Mitchell instruments are manufactured under a FAA approved Quality System.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: Mitchell instruments are reasonably priced and have the option of range-marked dials. Lighting is standard on all gauges and optional for tachometers. If not in stock through our distributors, small quantity orders are generally filled factory direct within days, many times within the same day for critical customers. Over 150 variations of range-marked dials are in local stock for customer support. In the event we do not have a requested dial in stock, we are prepared to satisfy any reasonable customer request for dial marking with a minimum of delay. Presetting of the tachometer hour meter is also available as an option for added customer support. We do not charge for range marking gauge dials when requested at the time of the order.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Mitchell provides exceptional customer direct service for all warranty issues. Mitchell instruments are warrantied for two years from the date of manufacture. Mitchell tachometers may be remanufactured to new on a factory direct basis for a nominal fee. This is an economical alternative for customers with older units.

PRODUCTS OFFERED: Mitchell manufactures FAA approved tachometers in both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation as well as both 3-1/8 inch and 2-1/4 inch case sizes. In addition, hour meter recording rates are available in six different settings to match individual requirements. Gauges are available for use with Lycoming, Continental, and Rotax engines, as well as others.

LONGEVITY: Mitchell has continuously served the general aviation industry for over 30 years and has an established reputation for quality components at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our long-term customer relations. Live customer phone support is available during normal work hours.