The GlaStar

The GlaStar aircraft was initially offered as a kit. As with many kit built aircraft this particular one chose Mitchell instruments for engine monitoring. It was reported that this particular aircraft flew for a number of years including two successful trips between Oshkosh and Germany.

Twinstar Gyroplane

The Twinstar gyroplane is well known among the gyroplane community. This is a solid two place trainer and demonstrates the applicability of the Mitchell modular gauges in a very small panel space.


Zenair is an aircraft manufacturer who provides both certificated aircraft and a wide variety of kit planes. Mitchell worked closely with Zenair staff to provide the CH2000 aircraft with a gauge cluster that is also a panel stiffener. Mitchell gauges are equally applicable to certificated and amateur built aircraft.


Mitchell has worked with a number of aircraft manufacturers to get new aircraft certified. Shown here is one of the Cirrus prototype aircraft where Mitchell instruments were used for the certification process.


Liberty was another aircraft manufacturer that chose Mitchell instruments for their certification process.  Shown here is the XL-4 during the certification and early production.

Light Sport Aircraft Industry

Mitchell also supplies instruments to the Light Sport Aircraft industry. Shown here is the Evektor aircraft and its panel using standard size engine instruments.

Bonanza, Beechcraft, Mooney, & Piper

Mitchell supplies approved replacement gauge assemblies for a wide range of certificated aircraft including Beechcraft, Mooney, Piper, and many others. Here is a nice Bonanza using standard size gauges for fuel indication and modular gauges for engine monitoring.

Antique Warbirds

Mitchell has provided engine monitoring gauges for a number of antique warbirds to help keep them flying to keep history alive. These involve T-6’s, T-28’s, and B-25’s. Mitchell has also supplied instruments for the restoration of Doc. Shown above are Devil Dog and the Yellow Rose B-25s, both having similar panels using all Mitchell instruments for engine monitoring. Devil Dog has been doing continual air shows through the Commemorative Air Force using Mitchell gauges for approximately 20 years.